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Associate Professor of Armenian History and Theology

Ani Shahinian, D.Phil.


Ani Shahinian holds a Ph.D./D.Phil. in History in Theology from the University of Oxford. Her doctoral research examines the political, social, economic, and ecclesiastical history of Armenia and applies innovative approaches and strategies to understand complex, enduring issues. She has lectured and held seminars in several faculties at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), including courses on Philosophy of Mind, Political Philosophy, Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and International Relations. Shahinian’s academic and professional interests meet at the intersections between the disciplines, where she endeavors to bridge different fields by exposing entwined questions of technology, ethics, and sustainability in uncertain environments. Prior to her academic career, Shahinian worked for the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), where she assisted with investigations and prosecutions of human trafficking cases and criminal civil rights abuses. While working at the DOJ, she detected parallels between contemporary and historical human rights violations, and the evolving significance of the role of notional ethics. These realizations impelled her to seek answers hidden in history. Her academic career continues this journey of investigation and discovery, directing her research interests toward innovative methodologies to problem solving for our current world.

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