Meet our faculty

Our world-class faculty come from renowned institutions worldwide including University of Oxford, University of St. Andrews, University of Aberdeen, UCLA, King’s College London, University of Toronto and Claremont Graduate University.

Fr. Andreas Andreopoulos, Ph.D.

Visiting Professor of Church History

Ani Shahinian, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Armenian Studies and Apologetics

Brian Butcher, Ph.D.

Visiting Professor of Liturgical Theology and Early Christianity

Emmanuel Gergis, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Dogmatics and Systematic Theology

Fr. Jacob Joseph, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Christian Mission

Joseph Youssef, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Anthropology of Religion

Mary Ghattas, Ph.D. (ABD)

Assistant Professor of Church History and Coptic Studies

Fr. Mebratu Gebru, Ph.D.

Visiting Professor of Liturgical Theology

Michael Armanyous, M.D.

Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and Spirituality

Fr. Michael Sorial, D.Min. (Cand.)

Assistant Professor of Ecclesiology, Missiology and Youth Ministry

Michael Wingert, Ph.D.

Dean of Holy Transfiguration College & Associate Professor of Old Testament and Syriac Studies

Meet our Researchers & Visiting Lecturers

Dina Saad, M.Th.

Research Fellow in New Testament

Donna Rizk Asdourian, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Patristics and Armenian Studies

Hany Takla, MA

Visiting Professor of Coptic Studies

Fr. Morcos Daoud, M.Div.

Lecturer in Patristics

Fr. Seraphim El Baramos, M.Litt.

Lecturer in New Testament and Christian Ethics

Sherif Mourad, M.Th.

Lecturer in Liturgical Theology