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Lecturer in Church History and Coptic Studies

Mary Ghattas, Ph.D.


Mary Ghattas is a PhD Candidate earning her degree in the history of Christianity, with a regional emphasis on the Middle East. Her master's thesis examined ecclesial diplomatique in Medieval Egypt and Nubia. Her research projects explore the interstices between ecclesiastical relations and state politics in the East, the role that history and historiography play in shaping communal memory and narrative, and consequently, healing communal memory through history. At Agora University, she teaches Church History II: Oriental Church History After Chalcedon and electives in Coptic Studies. She also serves as Director of Agora University Press. She is currently an Assistant Managing Editor for the Claremont Coptic Encyclopedia, helping to update and expand an invaluable online reference tool for Coptic Studies. Her publications include: Martyria and Loving the Enemy: An Orthodox Response to ISIS (2014), The Trinity in the Alexandrian Tradition: Patristic, Copto-Arabic, and Modern Theologians (2015), and Notes on the Enaton After the Arab Conquest and Its Localization (2018).

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